La Carpa

The project “Carpa” is a soup kitchen that opens every Tuesday from 11 am to 1pm. The main goal of the Carpa project is to offer homeless or drug addicted people a frame for a stable social refuge they can use at least once every week.

carpa2The huge tent “Carpa” is located in front of the town’s main church and offers two hot meals for the symbolic price of 100 colones (around 15 Euro cents) to approximately 50 people. To guarantee a nice environment we organize table games and other activities. We also try to be very comprehensive of our visitors’ needs. We try to look for solutions to their problems so they can reintegrate into society. Around San Isidro certain organized groups of women work with “Vida Nueva” in order to provide rehabilitative alternatives to homeless people.

carpa3-300x171The Carpa project was founded on March 28 of 2008, thanks to the efforts of Vida Nueva and other organizations like: Hogar Emanuel, Asociación Pro Hospital, Asociación Familia Kolping, Asociación Humanitas y Pastoral Social and other local enterprises. As director of the project, Vida Nueva provides 8 volunteers weekly and some of the food needed for the project.