La Casita

“La Casita” (literally “small house”) is a place of creative and cultural interaction, such as physical movement, languages, music and handcrafts for inhabitants of different parts of San Isidro del General in the South of Costa Rica.

IMG_0415The project has been established in 2003 by Nicole Windlin, a swiss student of social work in order to provide an open place for various activities in areas with high social risks. At the moment “La Casita” takes place in Baidambu, where the Association Vida Nueva built a house in 2012.

The Casita is a place where children are encouraged in a creative way in order to discover their own abilities and improve their skills. Furthermore the Casita offers the possibility to get in contact with each other in a different context and develop their social relations. The program includes activities such as handcraft, painting, drawing, group games, English lessons, outdoor activities, circus trainings, movie nights, cooking and a lot more. In addition to these steady activities, there are special events like small festivals and trips to the beach. Foreseen projects are workshops for different generations (dance classes, yoga, exchange of receipts,…) as well as the formation of a group of women

The activities of the Casita are mainly carried out by volunteers who come from all over the world. Sharing their own ideas and motivation, these people have great influence on every process connected to the project. Therefore every volunteer also takes on a lot of responsibility not only for the organization, but also for the general perception of the project “La Casita”. Using their open minds, creativity, ideas and interest in working with children, the volunteers have the opportunity to make a difference. Further information here!

The project “La Casita” has been supported by several sponsors and welcomes every additional financial support to maintain its activities in order to create an actual social impact. Further information here.


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